Cavalier Village: Extreme 3/12/21 11PM

The official “Instant download/double-click to play game” latest CVEX DEMO.

CVEX 3/12/2021 11PM .7z (open source)

Download this one if you wish to play on your mobile phone, check the Game Design Documents, view internal game files, etc:

Unzip the .zip file, and click on the RPG_RT.exe to play!

Cabrones Village Release

CV September 22nd, 2007 (Last Publicly released Demo of 2007 (10 years ago) before official remake production started on 2014.

Unzip the .zip file, and click on the RPG_RT.exe to play!

EasyRPG Player

Download this App so you can play the game in your smartphone.

You can also download EasyRPG from the Google Play-Store. After you install the app, you must unzip the .7zip CVEX file into the “Game” folder of the App so you can play.

Coolsoft Virtual Midi Synth

Download and install this program to make the .mid files sound much better!
You will need a soundfont, the one I use is the yamaha xg sound set since its the best:

Install the Midi synth and assign the soundfont then open CVEX again and the .mid music files should sound a whole lot better!

RPG MAKER 2003 FONT files

Only download and install these if the game dialogue doesn’t show properly.

Unzip / Open the two fonts and click install. After that restart PC. Should fix the problem.

7-zip file extractor

Download this program to extract the .7z CVEX files!

If you need any help trying to play the game or need more help trying to install any of these utilities, send me an e-mail to:

cavaliervillage {at} protonmail {dot} com