Site Updates

Cavalier Village Story-notes // August 12, 2022

I have compiled all the Story-telling notes I wrote into one single document, you can read it here!

The Sixth Dimension // August 6, 2022

“The Sixth Dimension” Season 1 and 2 are up! you can read the whole unchanged ‘drunken’ draft here!! or just click on “The Sixth Dimension”. Also feel free to read my other story-telling game design documents: The Evangelist, Forlorn, Emblem of Nox, Daenerys, Dominion Veritas (part of The Next Ten Years book) and if you are just here for Cavalier Village the game, then there are 7 story notes of that too!

Cavalier Village Story-telling of the game up now…

I’ve added Cavalier Village 2022 1 and 2 story-telling writings of the events that are supposed to be in the game. Click under Cavalier Village Menu and you can read them. They are interesting and funny, make sure you read them! I am working on the game, as well I am still working on the GDD of The Sixth Dimension. So I hope you enjoy reading them. 🙂

Happy New Years (2022) and The Future of Cavalier Village // January 1, 2022

Happy New Years to all. Cavalier Village has been on pause until now. I have been writing this Book / Game Design Document called The Sixth Dimension, the last game / book in the Forlorn series which are based on Western Christian Religion. I am not immortal nor eternal, but if I am alive this full year, I promise you that two things will happen for a fact: An almost complete game of Cavalier Village and a fully completed The Sixth Dimension Book / GDD. Those are my two priorities for this year as far as creative works goes… don’t worry, any project listed in here, whether is The Evangelist, or Gaia: Save the Earth, etc will be finished in its due time. I have literarily planned my “creative works” life for THE NEXT TEN YEARS. And yes, project Daenerys is a fucking game I will make, even if I have to make it myself. Like I said before, as long as I am alive, everything will go on until it all gets made. Peace!

The Next Ten Years, Daenerys, Forlorn, The Evangelist and The Sixth Dimension Game Design Document Notes added // October 18, 2021

These are games I’m currently designing and writing the story for. Click on the initial name of the game to read the 1st note. Then automatically, is a drop-down under-menu containing the following notes of the same game. Enjoy reading.

Daily endless site attacks hahaha // March 18, 2021

Since day one, Cavalier Village has been under endless attacks by bots trying to break into the site. DDos attacks, brute force attacks, login attempts, etc. I’m not worried about it. I got plugins and other security measures set up in place. Getting these attacks is a common thing for sites using the WordPress module, so I’ve learned. Anyway, if any of these silly attacks land and the site gets taken down, I’ll just put it back up! no big deal haha. This entire site is pretty much static, all I have to do is re-upload whatever I have ever made in here. And if I had to do everything from scratch, we’re talking about 30 mins (tops) offline downtime. That’s all for now.

Downloads page added! // March 13, 2021

You can now download .exe and .7z Cavalier Village EX latest demo. The .7z version is the open source version that lets you view the internal game files, maps, game design documents, etc. I made the .exe download/double-click to play version to make it as simple as possible for anyone to play Cavalier Village EX. The files are 1,000,000% virus and malware free. Ignore all warnings from your Antivirus software as they are false positives, I promise!! I also added important utilities such as the Virtual Midi Synth, which will make the .mid music files used in the game sound properly. It makes a huge difference, so if you have the time, I highly recommend installing this. Make sure you download the yamaha soundfont I’ve included too.

Cavalier Village: EX .exe demo out now! // March 13, 2021

Now all you have to do to play CVEX is simply download and double click on the .exe file. The files are 100% clean, your Antivirus software is gonna do an auto-check, and it might flag it suspicious. Open the file anyway, as it is a false positive. I promise. But anyway, if you are still having problems with the EXE version, I’m going to be uploading the .7z file as well sometime this week, after I create the Download page on the site. That’s all for now! Enjoy playing.

Player Testimonials // March 12, 2021

I created the Testimonials Page. Click on it to see what players all over the world are saying about Cavalier Village: Extreme!! 😀

Hello World! // March 12, 2021

The unfinished Official “Cavalier Village: Extreme” site is up! This is my first time doing this, so I’ve been working on building the page for 2-3 hours now… and got almost nothing done still! haha. I have it all planned in my head, what the end result as far as the whole page design will look like, and I think you’ll all like it. For now at least, you can download the game, and look at some old screenshots and videos. I think that’s the most important thing to have up there for now.